In the vast world of online marketplaces, gaining visibility and driving sales can be a challenging endeavor. GoImagine, a new handmade marketplace headquartered in Massachusetts, found themselves in this very predicament. Despite running paid Google Ads, they struggled to increase organic traffic and boost sales on their platform. This case study delves into the strategies employed to increase their online presence and illustrates the immense potential of Pinterest marketing.

Goal: Increase Traffic + Sales

The primary goal for GoImagine was clear: Increase organic traffic and bolster sales. To achieve this, the plan was to leverage Pinterest, focusing on highlighting bestsellers and products with high-quality imagery. The overarching strategy encompassed improving search engine rankings on both Pinterest and Google while implementing conversion campaigns for subsets of their extensive catalog, comprising over 50,000 items.

Strategy & Implementation

200 Pins Posted Per Month: Collaborative efforts led to the selection of bestsellers and products with captivating images. Reusable pin templates were designed, resulting in the creation and posting of 200 pins each month on GoImagine’s Pinterest account. These pins were meticulously crafted, with an emphasis on SEO research to optimize pin titles and descriptions for enhanced search engine visibility.

Monthly Catalog Sync: To ensure all GoImagine products could be readily discovered on Pinterest, a monthly catalog synchronization process was established.

Pinterest Profile and Board Optimization: Recognizing the importance of a well-optimized profile, the team undertook the task of optimizing GoImagine’s Pinterest presence. This included profile enhancement, merchant status verification, proper website claiming, successful tag installation, and the creation of SEO-rich boards that aligned with the marketplace’s categories.

Conversion Campaigns: Following catalog synchronization and the initial posting of 200 pins, conversion campaigns were initiated for select subsets of products. These choices were guided by current trends, seasonal relevance, and proven bestsellers.


Increased Traffic: In just six months, the combined effect of organic and paid traffic on GoImagine’s platform saw a remarkable surge of 70%.

Increased Sales: Over the same six-month period, organic and paid sales stemming from Pinterest pins and conversion ads soared by an impressive 30%.

Better Knowledge of Target Market: Through conversion campaigns and organic interactions, Pinterest provided GoImagine with invaluable insights into their target market. This data would prove instrumental in shaping future ad campaigns and content creation strategies.

Team Training: As a bonus, GoImagine accumulated a wealth of training materials by the end of our service engagement. These resources were intended to facilitate the smooth transition of Pinterest marketing management to a Virtual Assistant, ultimately bringing the marketing efforts in-house and reducing costs.

Pinterest Marketing for Consistent Traffic & Sales Growth

This case study underscores the pivotal role that Pinterest marketing played in GoImagine’s journey to success. By optimizing their profile, enhancing visibility, and using SEO tactics to grow their presence and findability on Pinterest, GoImagine began to achieve consistent month-over-month growth in traffic and sales. It serves as a compelling reminder that a robust SEO strategy, combined with the strategic use of a platform like Pinterest, can be a potent driver of sustainable traffic and sales for e-commerce businesses. Pinterest isn’t just a platform for inspiration; it’s a pathway to sustainable growth and success.