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Established brands led by visionary women deserve the ongoing recognition and traction they’ve worked hard to build. With a combined 18+ years of SEO, web design, and marketing experience, scaling our own businesses, to helping scale multi-million dollar startups, we’re the gals to hire if you want to get the damn thing done!

“Kiana is the business resource I didn’t know I needed. If I could afford her I’d hire her full time to project manage the rest of my business because it’s nowhere near as organized as what she’s done so far. 11/10 recommend. Do not hesitate, just hire her.” 

–Sarah Murphy, Mobile Bev Pros

Our Services

Katie & Kiana Marketing Studio

All-In-One Website Marketing

Unlock long-term sustained success with our all-inclusive package: Dedicated website upkeep, strategic SEO and backlinking, tailored blog content, and targeted Pinterest marketing, all curated for established, women-owned creative brands. Preserve your site’s health, boost leads, and rank higher on Google effortlessly.

$10K / month investment


Ongoing Website Maintenance

This service encompasses scheduled updates for plugins, themes, and the CMS, alongside monthly backup checks with storage as required. We prioritize on-page technical SEO enhancements and, where necessary, image optimization. Clients will have a bank of hours for ongoing updates.


Ongoing SEO and Backlinking

We start with an in-depth SEO audit, diving into competitor keyword analysis. Every month, we deliver an SEO report and continuously acquire authoritative backlinks. Our team refines SEO for both existing and new blog content, reshapes meta-descriptions, and enhances your website’s core copy, including product descriptions and FAQs, all while ensuring images are SEO-optimized


Blog Post Creation & Publishing

We craft and release 20 niche-specific, SEO-tailored blog posts monthly. Clients can provide unique imagery or opt for premium stock photos. Before publication, each post undergoes client review and is refined with conversion-optimized CTAs.


Pinterest Marketing

We offer continuous Pinterest profile and board refinement, or an initial setup if none exists. Each of the 20 blog posts is marketed on Pinterest, targeting users actively seeking the client’s offerings. This entails creating 5 pins per post, summing up to 100 pins monthly. Our approach includes meticulous SEO title/tag research, crafting SEO-rich pin descriptions, designing compelling Pinterest graphics, and strategic pin scheduling.


Podcast Marketing Campaign – Add-On

Get your voice heard by the right people for your offer or product, raise your authority by getting featured on the right shows, and take advantage of our connections with hundreds of hosts & partners. We also offer this as a standalone service at a $2.5K price point per month. 



Press Release Writing & Distribution – Add-On

Press release writing + distribution on an as-needed basis. Our press releases have been picked up by major press to skyrocket business media coverage to new heights! This service is $795 per release.


Pinterest Ads – Add-On

Including conversion campaigns. Reach more people actively searching for your content and products. Price is custom upon evaluation, with a recommended ad spend of at least $1K per month on top of our custom service fee.


Content Creation Bundles

Just looking for content and traffic, plain and simple? Grab one of our Content+ Bundles and save on SEO rich, conversion optimized blog content and guaranteed traffic to your site. Learn more.

*Does not include having us optimize and schedule the posts on your behalf on your site. Contact us for a custom package that includes this service for an extra $50 per blog post.

PR Marketing Campaign

This is a monthly package that includes everything in the Podcast Guest Campaign, in addition to 5 high quality backlinks per month on sites over 40+ DA, 5 guest posts per month on sites over 50+ DA, and one high quality press release. We also send tailored pitches to reporters in need of stories/content. This package is $6.5K and is month-to-month as needed. We always recommend at least 3 months of service per year for the best sustainable PR results. 

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"Katie was a pleasure to work with. She’s both incredibly competent and extremely creative. Very easy to work with and always very prompt to respond. Delivered a website exactly as I envisioned it and provided helpful insights and suggestions along the way."

-Logan Meeker, The Waking Bear

Your time is too valuable for missed sales.

In a world where the online landscape is constantly evolving, it’s vital to keep your website in top-notch condition to continue reaping the rewards of your hard-earned success. You have already made significant strides in your market. Don’t just maintain your momentum, elevate it.

Are we a good fit?

Woman-Owned Brands 

You’re a visionary woman leading a thriving creative company or product-based brand.

Sustainable Success

With clear goals of expanding your reach and ensuring sustainable success, your brand prioritizes website health, lead generation, and increasing sales through sustainably created content and consistent communication with the brand’s audience.

Consistent Growth

Beyond mere maintenance, your aims for evolution include adapting to digital trends, bolstering visibility, and driving consistent growth.

Established Brand

In a rapidly shifting digital landscape, you realize the critical role of a robust online presence for your established brand. Your brand or company has already achieved success in business – now it’s time to boost and sustain that success.

Kiana Jones is amazing to work with! Not only did Kiana live up to the tight schedule to come up with a Pinterest Advertising Strategy, she helped me plan a schedule to promote my online art courses and provided me with additional suggestions to help grow my online business with Pinterest and beyond. I am truly grateful!”

–Caryl Pomales, Caryl Fine Art


Say goodbye to inconsistent online performance.

Meet Katie

Katie is a rockstar when it comes to website design and SEO marketing, having designed and built over 80 websites for clients and managed established e-commerce brands. Her clients typically see a 30-70% increase in organic traffic from her SEO services within 3-6 months! She’s also a genius when it comes to hyper-local SEO marketing, and has helped dozens of businesses rank higher on Google within their local communities.

Woman in business how to grow business website
Kiana Jones Marketing Strategist

Meet Kiana

Kiana is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing, and goes by a few titles  – Sustainable Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur, Pinterest Marketer, Podcast Host, and Earned Media Manager for multi-million dollar brands. From getting thousands of leads and sales for clients through Pinterest and content marketing, to getting content published in Forbes and Newsweek on behalf of clients to boost their authority, she’s the driving force behind turning brand dreams into strategy and action! Not only that, but she’s a team player who’s ready to engage with your marketing team on every level to ensure that our time together is a wild success.

“In addition to being such a gifted web designer, Katie’s professionalism and communication is top notch. We’ve been working together for two years, and I look forward to working together for many many more!

-Erika Malm, Erika Malm Collective

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